Music Think Tank: Buying Facebook or Twitter Followers 

Buying Facebook or Twitter Followers

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There are several companies out there that offer services where you can buy “real” followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Other services sell “real” views on YouTube videos or plays on Sound Cloud. For nearly every social media site available, there are services that claim to boost your reach, increase your followers, and give you more credibility by… Read more

Do You KNOW Your Human Rights? 


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The Recording Revolution: Shrink Your Sessions Whether you realize it or not, at the end of a typical mix in Pro Tools, your audio folder has become bloated with unused audio files and regions that are just wasting space. With just a few clicks of the mouse, however, you can dramatically slim down your session size, thereby making it easier to backup, archive,

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Jay Electronica - Exhibit C 

It took me a second to realize who this guy REALLY  was...  I had a hard time figuring what he was doing (and at times still do)... but from what I hear from him I love.  I can't wait for this dude's album to drop.  Why it's taking sooooo long is beyond me but as far as bars go, he's right up there at the top for what I'm hearing coming out.  Learn more about Jay Electronica (here)....  and click here to visit his homepage for more news. Enjoy the video! Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (prod. by Just Blaze)

The Recording Revolution: Should You Mix With a Limiter? 

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I seem to get this question a lot, "Should I us
e a limiter in my mixes?". Usually what people are asking is whether or not to mix with a limiter on their master fader (mix bus). Some of the confusion may even come from people like myself who tell you to use a limiter for reference mixes. But that is very different than mixing through a limiter or limiting your mixes before mastering. Let's… Read more